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(Correct Buddhist Mindset)

Without the correct spiritual training the Martial Art cannot develop the mindset and spirit that is required to endure and survive both the body and spirit. In order to truly understand and utilize Ninpo and all the other Martial Arts taught in the Genbukan Ninpo Bugei one needs to develop correct Buddhist mindset and dedicate oneself to constantly living life according to the eight laws the Buddha taught. Ha-Sho-Do means the eight correct ways to develop correct Buddha Mindset.

  1. Sho-Ken ........... seeing correctly
  2. Sho-Go............. speaking correctly
  3. Sho-Shi............ thinking correctly
  4. Sho-Gyo .......... working correctly
  5. Sho-Myo .......... living correctly
  6. Sho-Shin ......... going correctly
  7. Sho-Nen .......... praying correctly
  8. Sho-Jo .......... .. meditating correctly

Note: Ha-Sho-Do is also correctly spelt as Hasshudo.

The simple explanations are:

  1. Sho-Ken: Seeing truth, as opposed to what we like to see.
  2. Sho-Go: Speaking correctly.  Avoid using hate words and negative speech.
  3. Sho-Shi: Correct thinking, avoid anger and bitterness and self depreciation.
  4. Sho-Gyo: Learn to work and study with diligence. Be thankful for work and study. 
  5. Sho-Myo: Always keep gratitude in your heart and reflect upon yourself from the view point of others.
  6. Sho-Shin: Keep honest and put effort into leading a good life, avoiding fighting and slander.
  7. Sho-Nen: Prayers are (or originate from) our wishes. Positive wishes (Prayers) bring forth wisdom and positive energy for the mind to solve problems. Negative wishes (Prayers) result in failure and disappointment.
  8. Sho-Jo: The true meaning of meditation is self reflection which cleans the heart like a rinsed mirror. Understand your own mind to maintain harmony with the body. Undertake all action through the harmony of mind and body.

Correct spiritual training is of utmost importance and one who heart is aggressive will find Nin-Po difficult to implement.

Nin-Po is for self defense, not attack. The truth of the power of a peaceful heart is something the martial art hopes to teach all who join. We must never be rude or arrogant or hope to fight. However, if an attack comes we must have a true and strong spirit. This spirit is not aggressive. Someone who controls their spirit and mind through training to achieve correct Buddha Mindset by following the eight fold path (Ha-Sho-Do) can face the strongest enemy and defend themselves without the need to resort to anger or the loss of compassion and keep a true human heart.