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Correct ways of respect for Martial Artists

Students also recite the poem the Ninniku Seishin to unite their hearts with heaven.


When training with another person, no matter what the level difference, one always bows asking "Onegaishimasu" (Please train / help me).

After training with another person one bows and expresses gratitude for the other person's  effort on your behalf  saying "Arigato Gozaimashita" (Thank you for training with me).

With correct manners all who train are free to train hard and without risk of resentment.

Many people think that in Martial arts it is only physical skills that are important to develop. However in the martial arts practiced in the Genbukan and the Kokusai Ju-Jutsu Renmei spiritual training is as important as fighting techniques. Spiritual training is achieved through oral teachings (Kuden) of the Grandmaster and through the way we live our lives and how we conduct ourselves in training. Inside of training spiritual training is intertwined with the martial arts through the correct forms of respect and manners (Forms of Bowing ).  Of these, showing respect to the  Dojo spiritual focus point (Kami Dana) is of utmost importance.