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Opening and Closing Prayer.

All classes begin and end with a recitation of the prayer to heaven.

"Chihaya Furu Kami No Oshiewa, Tokoshini Tadaska Kokoro Mio Mamururan"

"Praise be to God who gives divine protection and a pure heart"

Then all students promise heaven by reciting:

"Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo"

" I will have a heart of mercy, I will be sincere in what I say, I will seek harmony with the natural world and other people, I will dedicate my self to Hasshodo through Ninpo training way to live a good life"

SHIKIN (the four types of heart)

i) A merciful heart

ii) A sincere heart

iii) A heart in tune with nature

iv) A heart dedicated to a chosen pursuit



Great wisdom


Powerful or great light (energy)


So a merciful, sincere heart in tune with nature that is dedicated and combined with wisdom can produce a massive result for the student. This is a powerful prayer. By saying this one harmonizes themselves with the natural world.


'The Rice Crop'

"The rice grows to maturity

And then gently bows towards the earth"